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Mbolo workshop for rhythm and percussion | Freilagerstr. 39, CH-8048 Zürich (2nd basement)
Post-address: Peter Kräuchi, Bergacker 44, CH-8046 Zürich | Phone: +41 44 310 34 48, Mobile: +41 76 499 60 77

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1. Object (coverage)
The Terms of condition regulate the relationship between the Online-Shop of the Mbolo Werkstatt für Rhythmus und Perkussion (subsequently gambiatravel) and the customer.
These regulations are valid for all sales and deliveries of gambiatravel to the customers, insofar as not a different arrangement has been made.
The E-Shop is operated by the Mbolo Werkstatt für Rhythmus und Perkussion.

2. Conclusion of contract
The contract comes about if gambiatravel assumes the customer's electronically conveyed order-explanation at the customers through the confirmation per e-mail. The realization of the agreement through electronic transmission becomes as written agreement of i.S.v. Acknowledged Art.9 Abs.2 lit.a GestG.
The confirmation of gambiatravel contains the paraphrase of the essential contents of the order. The customer should check the confirmation for obvious writing and miscalculations as well as at deviations from order and confirmation. Incongruity has to reported instantaneously to gambiatravel.

3. Prices
The stated prices are Swiss Francs (CHF), ex store at Freilagerstrasse 39 in Zürich.

4. Delivery
We deliver normally only against cash payment or prepayment f.ex. PayPal, and collection. As an exception, we can deliver also the merchandise per post or camion in accordance with separately arranged delivery-conditions. The customer then takes over all the transportation-risk.

5. Payment
Upen receipt of the goods the costumer should check it in accordance with the offer in the E-Shop. If he agrees that everything is in order the agreed price has to payed immediately (cash payement or PayPal). If he does not agree he can resigne the contract. Contract and account-currency is CHF.

6. Time of delivery
Provided nothing agrees differently, the ordered merchandise should be picked up at latest after 10 days in our store after exhibition of the confirmation of order.

7. Data protection
The confidentiality of the customer's personal data is guaranteed. gambiatravel doesn't pass on data of customers to third in principle.

9. Exchange, complaints
The customer can return received wrong or damaged ware within 30 days prior consultation with gambiatravel. The return takes place under supplement of the confirmation of order at cost of the customer.

10. Liability
gambiatravel doesn't take over any liability for damages, that were created through improper use or careless handling of the ware through the buyer.

11. Proprietary-reservation
Until the complete discharge of all existing claims, the delivered ware remains in the property of gambiatravel.

12. Default
With an accomplishment-obstacle, gambiatravel will immediately inform the customer and produced returns him already instantaneously reimburses.

13. Applicable right and jurisdiction
Regulations of the Swiss right are valid. The regulations of the jurisdiction-law (GestG), are left for reservations. Type. 1182). Place of jurisdiction and fulfillment is Zurich.

State August 2010

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